Download Subtitles

How to view the downloaded film with subtitles

Note that the subtitles are not embedded in the downloaded video file, you will need to download the subtitles separately from the relevant link above.

If using VLC Media Player, after opening the film, you can right-click the player window and select Subtitle > Add Subtitle File, then browse for and select the subtitle file you've downloaded.

If not using VLC, ensure the film and subtitle are in the same folder, and that they share the same filename, e.g. Dominion.mp4 and The subtitles should then automatically be included when playing the film in any other video player software.

Translate subtitles into another language

If you'd like to broaden the reach of the film by translating the subtitles into another language:

  1. First, make sure subtitles for that language don't already exist, by checking the above table and the subtitle options on the Youtube copy of the film.
  2. Downloaded the latest English subtitles as an SRT file from here. If needed, the film can be downloaded here.
  3. Either make a copy of the English subtitle file, or edit it directly. SRT files can be created/edited using any basic text editing software, such as Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac), or specialised subtitle software such as SubtitleEdit, which was used to create the original English subtitles. SubtitleEdit allows you to import the video file so that you can check the timing of the subtitles, although this shouldn’t be necessary.
  4. Each subtitle has 3-4 lines: a number from 1 to 1118, the start and finish time for that subtitle to appear, and the subtitle text over 1-2 lines:
    00:01:04,550 --> 00:01:07,287
    Most people consider
    themselves animal lovers.
  5. Change the wording to your language, leaving the subtitle number and timing as is.
  6. Please provide the translated subtitle file as an SRT to [email protected]. Let us know how you'd like it credited in the above list. It will also be added to the Youtube copy of the film.

Thank you! We really appreciate your efforts.